Work Plan

Work Packages and Tasks – Time schedule


D5.1Project logoWP5Month 1
D5.2Project website onlineWP5Month 3
D5.3Social media accountsWP5Month 3
D1.1Plan design of the experimental set-up WP1Month 4
D5.4Leaflet (electronic and printed) WP5Month 8
D3.1Report on reproduction traits WP3Month 14
D2.1Micro-CT protocolsWP2Month 16
D2.2Growth and mortality chartsWP2Month 17
D3.2Report on early life stages development WP3Month 17
D5.5Data Management PlanWP5Month 17
D5.11Methods paper in open access journalWP5Month 22
D4.1Digital image analysis  for feeding experimentWP4Month 23
D4.2Digital image analysis  for predation avoidance experimentWP4Month 23
D2.3Confocal Raman Microscopy images (maps) WP2Month 23
D2.4Scans completed – Library of projection images (shells, statoliths)WP2Month 25
D5.6Micro-CT vLab image gallery onlineWP5Month 27
D2.5Report on gene expression analysisWP2Month 29
D5.7Exhibition CretaquariumWP5Month 30
D5.10Data paper in open access journal WP5Month 34
D5.13Policy Brief DocumentWP5Month 35
D5.8Athens Science FestivalWP5Month 36
D5.9Scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journalWP5Month 36
D5.12Scientific conference proceedingsWP5Month 36

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